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Ann Z. Leventhal

Palm Trees
New Release

New Release

The Makings of a Nobody

Influenced by the Women's Movement, Ann Z. Leventhal artfully crafts a

fictmoir (a memoir written in part from other people's points of view, as the author imagined them) with wit and insights. Ann tells the story of an ordinary New York Jew who married a lawyer, gave birth four times, and overcame a diagnosis of epilepsy and depression.

As a masterful storyteller, Ann takes you on a colorful journey of a love affair, freaked-out children, psychotherapy, sexism, attracting a genius, surviving her oldest son's suicide, and breast cancer.

Ann has endured prosperously, celebrating her own invisibility in this

engaging read!

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Coined by Ann Z. Leventhal

   fictmoir : A memoir written in part from other people's points of view, as Ann imagined them,

Nobody's Home

New Release


"Ann Z. Leventhal's book is a unique hybrid, the likes of which I have never read before."

                                       Wally Lamb

This "book is consistently interesting and entertaining (not like giving a dinner party, but like having people over). I especially admire the concept of telling the story from others’ points of view.”

                                      Hilma Wolitzer


"I enjoyed Leventhal's dry wit . . . . Her voice, opinions, and experience are certainly compelling."

                                Allegra Goodman

"Fascinating and beautifully written."

                                          Anne Roiphe

"Ann Z. Leventhal is an astute and surprising writer who has really hit her stride."

                                Katherine Weber

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About Ann

Ann has written three novels, a play, short stories, poems, book reviews, advertising copy, and a political candidate's speeches and press releases. She lives with her husband in Sarasota, Florida, and summers in New York City. 


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Conversation with Ann Z. Leventhal

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